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Opinion: It Sure Does Look Like Hope Hicks Has Cut a Deal with Robert Mueller

Yesterday, while testifying before the House Intel Committee, Hope Hicks, Donald Trump’s Communications Director, refrained from answering some key questions about the Trump-Russia scandal.

Although most people believe this is a sign Hicks is trying to protect Trump, we’ve already seen this script with Steve Bannon, so we know how it plays out.

If you recall, once Steve Bannon’s relationship with Trump took a sour turn, he became a prime candidate to flip on Trump and was brought in before that same House Intel Committee. The committee, comprised of a number of Trump’s allies, lured him in in hopes of figuring out what he was going to tell Mueller. Just like Hope Hicks, Bannon avoided answering the most important questions. Naturally, the first reports suggested he was stonewalling the investigators, but in a matter of days, reports clarified that Bannon had actually told all in an interview with Mueller.

Well, if there’s one thing we all know, it’s that history has a tendency of repeating itself. And that appears to be exactly what we are witnessing.

During the Rob Porter scandal, the relationship between Trump and Hope Hicks took a sour turn. Additionally, it has been reported that a former member of Trump’s legal team has testified before Mueller that he had overheard Hicks in conversation promising that evidence pertaining to the Trump-Russia scandal “will never get out”.

It makes sense why Hicks would feel compelled to save face, completely flip and cut a deal with Mueller. Why else would the House Intel Committee suddenly bring her in? In short, for the same reason it did Bannon, in hopes of figuring out what she is going to tell Mueller.

Thankfully, she didn’t take the bait. And hopefully, it’s just a matter of days before we learn what kind of deal she made with Robert Mueller. And eventually, what she told him.

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