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It Wasn’t Just The Russians, Election Was Altered From Within United States, Lawyer Reveals

Amid pressure and claims of bias from popular vote loser Donald Trump and his supporters in congress, Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe announced he would step down three months before his scheduled departure.

According to a report from the Washington Post, McCabe’s role in the election, revolving around Anthony Weiner, is still under a certain high level of scrutiny and curiosity.

Of course, some of us, like Seth Abramson, have been saying this would hit the mainstream for over a year, and he shows how the bias in this story is actually pro-Trump, and is little more than conspiracy theory garbage:

(Below is an aggregation of the Tweets from Seth Abramson to make reading them easier.)

2/ Long story short: I showed in four late 2016/early 2017 articles in The Huffington Post that the NYC field office of the FBI deliberately ignored Comey’s orders in the Clinton investigation in a way that forced him to “re-open” the Clinton probe, giving the election to Trump.

3/ While agents in “Trumplandia”—what the NYC field office of the FBI was called due to its militant pro-Trump faction—sat on evidence they were supposed to be analyzing, they were leaking information to Rudy Giuliani to help Trump’s team initiate a pressure campaign on Comey.

4/ I’ve long thought the Inspector General’s report—and Horowitz generally—could be a possible “second savior” (after Mueller) in the Trump-Russia probe, as I think he has evidence to suggest the FBI in NYC was, in a coordinated/illegal way, trying to help Trump win the election.

5/ Here’s my article—from over a year ago—on today’s “breaking” WaPo news. The article incorporates via link (see third paragraph) three lengthy articles on the same subject that preceded it. (Long-time readers, you’re already caught up on this story.)

6/ By the way, FOIA-retrieved emails between McCabe and Comey confirm that while McCabe was amping up Comey’s fear of leaks, he looks to have been doing so out of concern rather than as part of a plot. The bad actors here are rogue pro-Trump agents (Giuliani pals) in the NYC FBI.

7/ Remember, Comey said under oath—at a hearing Trump watched, and during which Trump decided to fire him—that he was actively and aggressively trying to find out which rogue pro-Trump FBI agents leaked to Giuliani. I’ve always believed he was partly fired because of *that*.

8/ The Inspector General’s report could be the turning of the tide Trump critics have waited for, as it should show what I’ve long said—there’s proof (audio, video, tweets, emails) Flynn, Bannon, Prince, Giuliani and Don Jr. plotted to coerce Comey into re-opening Clinton’s case.

9/ I recommend that you read any attempt to paint McCabe as the villain here, and agents in New York as conscientious, as a preemptive strike against what the IG is likely to have found—which is the opposite. Comey was convinced the problem was not McCabe but the New York office.

10/ Likewise, any claim the FBI sat on these emails to aid Clinton has it hilariously backward—throughout October, FBI agents in the NYC office (and NYPD) were leaking to Giuliani and Prince so they could *weaponize* these emails under the pretext they were new and incriminating.

11/ In Summer 2017, it looked like the “True Pundit Hoax” story (also known as the conspiracy) was going to be picked up, but for unknown reasons U.S. media backed off. (The Guardian)

12/ I’m going through old tweets and finding at least one tweet begging media to cover the “Trumplandia” conspiracy every month. I can’t wait until the IG finally releases his report—it’s going to go beyond Trump-Russia coordination to look *directly* at how the election was won.

PS/ / will regret writing this story the way they did. McCabe—per Comey—was a victim, like Comey, of rogue pro-Trump agents in the NYC office who were, per Giuliani and Prince, carefully coordinating their leaks and do-nothingism with Trump’s people.

PS2/ IG Horowitz will soon ask—or has already—why McCabe emailed the True Pundit Hoax to Comey warning him of false leaks about the “new” Clinton emails and their content if he *didn’t* want to clear up the issue. I’m telling you, the facts will show McCabe wasn’t a bad guy here.

PS3/ Here’s your chief clue on all this: Comey’s Twitter feed makes *crystal clear* that Comey believes McCabe is *innocent of any wrongdoing*. So the chance the IG will find McCabe was working against Comey—rather than agents we know were leaking to Giuliani—is basically *zero*.

PS4/ The question Trump appointee Chris Wray will shortly have to answer is why he bought Trump agent Devin Nunes’ gloss on all this—that McCabe was dragging his feet on checking the “new” Clinton emails—when that literally would be *against his interests* if he were pro-Clinton.

PS5/ The early indications were the “new” emails were duplicates, which didn’t suit the pro-Trump FBI agents in NYC—it’s why they leaked lies to Giuliani, Prince and True Pundit re: what the new emails said. But McCabe would’ve known in early October they were likely duplicates.

CONCLUSION/ Given all this, the narrative being set up by and contradicts every piece of information we have about what the NYC field office of the FBI was/wasn’t doing in October ’16. They should check their sources for bias/self-interest and stat.

(end of Twitter thread)

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