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Jeff Sessions Hangs Trump and His “Warriors” Out to Dry in Investigation

If we’re being completely honest here, the instant Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Trump-Russia probe should have been the first sign that the Attorney General was willing to sell Trump out and looking out for no one other than himself.

Well, with last week’s news that Republican House Reps. Mark Meadows of North Carolina and Jim Jordan of Ohio are now applying pressure on the Department of Justice to expose relevant evidence in the investigation, that sign still holds true.

CNN reports, Meadows and Jordan are targeting senior leaders at the Justice Department in an effort to demand Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein turn over an unredacted copy of the memo he sent detailing the scope of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

They also have a demand for Jeff Sessions: “They want to know whether he was involved in the decision to raid the personal attorney of President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, according to a letter sent last week.”

However, despite the pressure, Jeff Sessions isn’t going to do it. Even Trump’s Congressman Devin Nunes is threatening to take action against Sessions if he doesn’t fork over the evidence, but Sessions has made it clear that it’s not going to happen.

More than likely, this is because Sessions doesn’t want to dig a deeper hole than the one he’s already in in the Trump-Russia scandal. Therefore, it appears to be in his best interest to save a little face, avoid felony obstruction of justice, perhaps cut a plea deal, and hopefully get out of the scandal altogether.

Besides, most Democrats are of the belief that the House Republicans’ efforts to force Sessions’ hand here are nothing more than an attempt to provide Trump with ammunition to fire either Sessions or Rosenstein in order to curtail the Mueller investigation, and you know Sessions is aware of this. And if we know anything about the man at this point, he certainly isn’t going to aid them in anything if it means putting himself in harms way.

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