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Jeff Sessions Now Accused of Another Criminal Act in Trump-Russia Scandal

Both Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump have now found themselves caught up in yet another obstruction of justice scandal by allegedly trying to create a situation within the FBI that would allow them to cover their tracks and/or take the heat off of themselves. If that’s the case, they failed miserably and have now been exposed publicly.

After Trump fired FBI Director James Comey last year  – in an apparent effort to protect himself from the Russia collusion investigation –  it backfired and resulted in the hiring of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

It also opened the door for obstruction of justice charges, which will likely be the first criminal charges brought against him, if anything at all. The only up side for Trump was that he was able to hire a new handpicked FBI Director in hopes of protecting himself.

Trump hoped that Christopher Wray would protect him, but of course that was never going to happen. Sessions and Trump asked Wray to fire Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe in a move that’s being viewed a ploy to undermine the investigation, but he refused and threatened to resign over it. Trump and Sessions then backed down.

Bill Palmer says, “Simply put, Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions just committed obstruction of justice. They clearly tried to oust McCabe in the hope of preventing their own crimes from being exposed. This kind of obstruction is a felony itself. We know that Robert Mueller is building a comprehensive obstruction case against Trump, and this will make that case even stronger. More importantly, Mueller finally has an ironclad obstruction case against Sessions. He can, and likely will, use it to force Sessions to cut a plea deal against Trump.”

Of course, this is speculation at this point, but Robert Mueller will be the ultimate judge as to what transpired in this particular part of the scandal.

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