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John Kelly Just Got Caught in a White House Scandal of His Own

General John Kelly was supposed to be the guy to keep the White House on the right track and keep Donald Trump from running off the rails, but it’s not going so well. In fact, John Kelly is now right in the middle of a scandal of his very own.

After the media ousted White House aide Rob Porter’s history of beating his ex-wives, he resigned. Porter even even had a restraining order from one of them. Truth of the matter is, Porter ultimately should have never been hired to begin with.

There’s supposed to be a screening process before joining the White House staff including multiple thorough background checks and other procedures to weed out these types of people from such high profile jobs.

Politico reports, A senior administration official said White House chief of staff John Kelly had been aware of the 2010 protective order, which prevented Porter from getting a full security clearance. The official said Kelly considered trying to push Porter out of his role but never did.

He actually hired a guy with a history of beating women to work along side other women every day in a high stress position, which is troubling to say the least.

In a statement, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said: “Consistent with the practice of past administrations, issues related to an individual’s suitability are reviewed through a thorough and lengthy background check process,” she said. “Rob Porter has been effective in his role as Staff Secretary. The president and chief of staff have full confidence in his abilities and his performance.”

Worst than that, John Kelly is still trying to protect Porter. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was sure to emphasize the fact that Porter was not forced to resign. Kelly even said in a statement that he was “a man of true integrity and honor.” He then released a statement in support of victims of domestic violence. To0 little too late, Kelly.

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