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McCain Reveals He’s Likely Going to Die, Then Trump Releases Attack Video on Him

Popular vote loser Donald Trump is at his best (which is to say, worst) at rallies.  In some ways, he never really assumed the role of President because he’s still very much stuck in campaign mode. Case in point – Trump’s Tennessee rally to support Senate candidate  Marsha Blackburn.

Trump used the rally to get the crowd to loudly boo Senator John McCain (R. AZ), who, it should be noted, is at home, dying of brain cancer.

That’s right, the President of the United States is leading a crowd of self-professed patriots in the booing of a US Senator, POW and war hero who is dying of brain cancer, because he doesn’t like the way he voted on a piece of legislation.

This isn’t the first time Trump has attacked McCain publicly. Trump released this video not long after John McCain revealed that he has a low chance of beating his brain cancer during a 60 minutes interview, saying he had been given only between a 3%-14% chance of surviving this, even with treatment.

My main question is this: who is running the country while Trump is running around throwing temper tantrums about dying Senators and other “enemies?”

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