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Just Hours Before Comey’s Testimony, Watergate Lawyer Discusses Latest Bombshell on Trump: “Perfect to be asked under oath”

On Thursday, Watergate attorney John Dean pointed out that CNN had what he called “interesting” timing in the release of a report on the inner workings of the FBI since Donald Trump took the office of the presidency.

Earlier yesterday evening, CNN reported that in the aftermath of Trump’s decision to fire former FBI director James Comey, FBI officials had  “scrambled” to figure out what to do.

Numerous senior Justice Department officials, one of which was Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, were of the opinion that Trump needed to be “reined in,” according to two sources who spoke to CNN.

On the heels of these discussions, then-Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe opened an obstruction of justice investigation into Donald Trump, which happened before special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed.

Dean said commented that the timing of this eyebrow-raising report “is interesting”. Why? Because James Comey is testifying in front of Congress the very next day, December 7th.

“These are questions that are just perfect to be asked under oath before the House Judiciary Committee,” he said.

“The timing of this is interesting,” he reiterated, “but it’s not surprising to me given the information Comey took back after his meetings, that the FBI would say, ‘we’ve got to open an investigation.’”

It may turn out after all that has happened since that Trump’s firing of Comey is indeed his undoing as President.

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