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Kamala Harris Forced Jeff Sessions into Major ‘Slip’ Yesterday, He Had No Idea

For months now, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has insisted ad nauseam that his meetings during the election with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak were only part of his regular Senator duties, and were in no way associated with his role as a Donald Trump campaign adviser. But, interestingly enough, his tune changed slightly when Senator Kamala Harris began grilling him with one difficult question after another during his testimony in the Trump-Russia hearing yesterday.

True to her fashion, Harris was well prepared for the hearing, and kept pushing for details pertaining to his meetings with the Russian Ambassador, never once backing down.

Ultimately, this led to a Republican Senator interrupting and lecturing her on her line of questioning, but not before it led Jeff Sessions to the convenience of forgetting practically anything that he’s ever said or done. Eventually, he slipped up and admitted something very crucial.

“So much of this was in the fast-pace of the campaign,” Sessions said to Harris, offering it up as an excuse as to why he can’t remember much about the details of those meetings.

Did you catch that? He said “campaign” Hmmm.  Was that an admission that the meetings took place place within the context of the campaign?  Why, yes, I believe it was.

So much for the repeated assertion that they were merely part of his Senate duties.

Way to go, Senator Harris!  Keep grilling, and they’ll keep slipping.  Unless, of course, you’re interrupted and lectured by a Republican on how to conduct your line of questioning. In that case – well – just keep grilling anyway!

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