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Kim Jong Un Just Played Trump Like a Total Fool in a Spot Trump Desperately Needed

It’s not hard to fool popular vote loser Donald Trump. It’s been done numerous times by world leaders, Robert Mueller, and others. We know this and have known this for some time.  North Korea and President Kim Jong Un knows this too, apparently, as they’re playing Trump and he was totally blind to it.

A joint military exercise was held this week between South Korea and the United States, which was really not that big of a deal. It wasn’t unusual. However, Kim Jong Un is using this exercise as an excuse to not meet with South Korea. Not to mention, Kim is also threatening to cancel his meeting with Donald Trump.

Kim Jong Un is letting the globe know that (perhaps on purpose) he doesn’t need these meeting as much as Trump needs them. Simply put, Kim Jong Un is the one with the leverage and it looks like he wants the world to know.

Brian Krassenstein points out on Twitter:

When you think about it, Trump doesn’t have many option left here. A U.S. President hasn’t been in this weak of a position since Richard Nixon in 1974, with his scandals continually crumbling his presidency.

Of course, Trump has pounded his chest on North Korea every step of the way, vowing and claiming to have made significant progress in hopes that Trump would be branded with at least this one accomplishment during his first year as president.

Trump has even blamed the fake news media and the Russia scandal for distracting from the progress being make with North Korea. However, the North Korea claims Trump has touted are coming to a crashing halt, making his short legacy as president that much more tarnished.

So, what will Trump do now?

He can either beg Kim Jong Un for the meeting, leaving himself in a very weak negotiating position. Or, he can let it go and give up on this one big accomplishment he so desperately needed. Either way, Trump is in a very bad position.

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