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Lindsey Graham suddenly supported Trump, then a massive money trail surfaced

Lindsey Graham suddenly went from one of the only Republicans who pushed back against Trump’s behavior and policies, to one of Trump’s biggest fans and co-conspirator…but why?

Graham misused his position on the Senate Judiciary Committee to demand that the Department of Justice prosecute Christopher Steele, a move that is clearly pro-Trump. Steele hasn’t broken any laws, but he’s clearly a target by Trump and his supporters. This is just the latest example of Graham’s sudden change of heart toward Trump.

Nevertheless, if you follow the money, there’s a massive Russia-linked money trail that may at least partially explain why Graham is now one of Trump’s biggest supporters lately.

Documents uncovered by the Democratic Coalition revealed several months ago that several Republican office holders received large amounts of money in the election cycle from a Kremlin oligarch named Leonard “Len” Blavatnik . His dual citizenship is the only way that this was not technically illegal. The donations were highly suspect and added up to several million dollars.

Even Mitch McConnell benefited from a cool $2.5 million from him and wasn’t even running for office in 2016. McConnell went to work behind the scenes during the election to try to prevent President Obama from revealing that Russia was trying to interfere in the election. McConnell threatened Obama, saying he would consider any effort by the White House to challenge the Russians publicly an act of partisan politics.

Someone else notable took massive amounts of money from the same Kremlin oligarch: Lindsey Graham, who also wasn’t even running for office at the time.

Dallas News points out:

Donald Trump and the political action committees for Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich and John McCain accepted $7.35 million in contributions from a Ukrainian-born oligarch who is the business partner of two of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s favorite oligarchs and a Russian government bank.

Marco Rubio’s Conservative Solutions PAC and his Florida First Project received $1.5 million through Blavatnik’s two holding companies. Other high dollar recipients of funding from Blavatnik were PACS representing Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at $1.1 million, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham at $800,000, Ohio Governor John Kasich at $250,000 and Arizona Senator John McCain at $200,000.

The fact that Graham received over $800,000 through a PAC from this Russian oligarch is completely legal, but highly suspicious.

While it didn’t make any sense that Graham switched teams so quickly, when we look back at all the money he’s received, it starts to make more sense. It also brings up several other questions: like what do they have on him?  How much more money has he received that we don’t know about? How did Graham even get involved to begin with?

We don’t know all the details yet, but this needs to be investigated. America deserves to know how all the dots connect.

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