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Marco Rubio Just Destroyed His Career in a Matter of Seconds

This week on CNN, we got to watch Marco Rubio destroy his career. In a town hall meeting with Parkland survivors he tried to not answer any questions directly and it backfired tremendously. When asked if he would continue to take money from NRA he said he can’t help who buys into his agenda, but “I’m for protecting students!” They weren’t buying it.

The young adults in attendance at the town hall didn’t take his responses well and continued to push him for real answers, which he refused to give. These young people, who can vote, or will be able to soon, just saw that Rubio is only focused on himself and lining his own pockets. This man took $9,900 from the NRA last election and he’s basically saying he will gladly accept more.

At the town hall meeting, a seventeen-year-old junior named Cameron Kasky – who is one of the founders of the #NeverAgain movement, which is pushing for gun-control reforms – posed a question to Marco Rubio, as well as Congressman Ted Deutch and Senator Bill Nelson, both Democrats. Kasky asked Rubio, “Would you refuse to accept donations from the National Rifle Association in the future?”

The New Yorker points out: Rubio, hesitating, settled, eventually, on the idea that he would continue to accept N.R.A. funds because, he said, “people buy into my agenda, and I do support the Second Amendment.” The crowd booed. He added, “I will always accept the help of anyone who agrees with my agenda”—a comment so bland and euphemistic that it only dramatized the corrupt aroma surrounding money, guns, and politics. Under stress, Rubio tends to repeat himself, and he cycled through his talking point—“people buy into my agenda”—in a way that was reminiscent of his downfall in the 2016 Presidential race, when Chris Christie mocked him and his repetitive platitudes onstage, effectively ending Rubio’s campaign.

Did Rubio say some things during the town hall that were great? Absolutely. But, anything other that “No” as the answer to the 17-year-old’s question just crushed him in the next election.

These youth are rising up all over the nation and we absolutely applaud them. The elections in 2018 will be the first election for many of them to vote and we can bank on them making their voices heard.

Between marches across the nations, social media, and televised interviews, these students have made waves that no one will be able to stop and they aren’t slowing down. This is the start of a revolution and if Congress wants to save their careers, they better get on board and stop working against America’s future leaders. These kids have more passion in their pinky fingers than Marco Rubio has ethics and morals…and in the end, good will triumph.

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