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Matt Whitaker Just Moved Out of The Way For Mueller to Get to Trump

When Donald Trump appointed Matthew Whitaker as the Acting Attorney General, after firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, everyone wondered if he would try to stop the Mueller investigation into Trump and Russia. This week we finally got our answer and it appears Whitaker isn’t going to touch the Mueller investigaiton.

As Robert Mueller began working on his plea deal with Jerome Corsi, we saw that he had clearly not been forced to back off. Matthew Whitaker has, so far, kept a very distant approach to the whole thing. Some speculated that it was because Corsi wasn’t a big deal, but now we’ve seen him when Cohen is the man in question, and he’s the one may bring down Trump.

Michael Cohen got his formal deal this week and Mueller had him in court implicating Donald Trump, the Trump family and the entire Trump Tower Moscow election scandal. If Whitaker was planning to protect Trump, this would have been the time for him to step in. Whitaker just let Mueller put a giant target on Trump and his family in this investigation.

The next few days will be telling, but the fact that Matthew Whitaker just let Robert Mueller move even closer to the President and his kids is very telling. It’s possible that Whitaker is scared of Mueller given he’s already under FBI criminal investigation, but this was a win for Mueller regardless. If Trump thought Whitaker was going to protect him he was clearly wrong.

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