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Michael Avenatti Brings to Light “Millions of Dollars” in Trump/Cohen Activity

The lawyer for Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, is going all-in on his relentless attacks on popular vote loser Donald Trump and his fixer, lawyer Michael Cohen.

And it’s a glorious thing to behold. Check out this tweet:

“This is what I meant by UGLY!!!!! Michael Cohen asked for ‘millions of dollars’ to ‘pass to Trumps’ via @MailOnline”

Avenatti is referring to this report, which claims that Cohen asked a Qatari investor for “millions of dollars” to pass along to Trump at the infamous Trump Tower meeting:

Cohen is alleged to have asked Ahmed Al-Rumaihi, a former diplomat in charge of a $100bn Qatari investment fund, to send ‘millions’ through him to Trump family members. A source told that the Qatari said he refused.

Al-Rumaihi on Tuesday issued a statement agreeing that he was at Trump Tower and a source with knowledge of the daysaid that Cohen had ‘popped in’ briefly to a meeting. Photographs show that he was  part of a group greeted by Cohen, who went up in an elevator with them. can disclose that the group also included Qatar’s foreign minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani.

The claims of a demand for ‘millions’ were made by a senior Kuwaiti government source close to Al-Rumaihi.

Last week revealed that Al-Rumaihi was accused in court documents of boasting about bribing disgraced Trump former aide Michael Flynn, and attempting to bribe Trump’s former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon – charges which the investor denies.

The Kuwaiti source told that following’s disclosure of the court case, Al-Rumaihi called him and boasted that Cohen had asked him for money in exchange for influence in the Trump administration.

The official said: ‘He said Cohen told him to send millions to various members of the Trump family.’ Al-Rumaihi did not do so, the official added. The Trump family members were not named.

It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the corruption of Trump and his associates, which really should make things easier for Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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