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Michael Avenatti Reveals “a considerable amount of fireworks” Against Trump

Popular vote loser Donald Trump should be pretty nervous right about now. His lawyer, Michael Cohen, seems to be in a different scandal uncovered every day. His aide/son-in-law Jared Kushner is reportedly cooperating with Robert Mueller on some level.  Roger Stone is looking at indictment. Paul Manafort is expected to flip. George Papadopoulos has not only been indicted, but is now facing sentencing.

If that’s not enough to get you excited about the possibilities of the who, when, where and how of the end of the Trump presidency, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, the already legendary Michael Avenatti, is preparing us for “fireworks” in the coming weeks.

Avenatti isn’t saying specifically what he’s suggesting will be revealed, but he’s been particularly active this week.

He wrote a letter to Judge Wood alleging that Michael Cohen had leaked hand-picked evidence that was part of the FBI raid on his office. Avenatti also alleged that the recordings seized during the FBI raid included taped conversations with Trump.

If Avenatti is right, Special Counsel Robert Mueller will have his hands on them very soon.

Bill Palmer points out: “Donald Trump has spent the past few days going over the top in aggressive, defensive, and erratic fashion – even by his standards. That’s because things are closing in on him at an accelerating pace. Now we’ve got Michael Avenatti saying that a whole lot more fireworks are about to rain down on Trump’s head. Stay tuned.”

As long as Avenatti is involved, we’re definitely staying tuned. This guy is relentless.

It’s amazing that with all the indictments and blatantly obvious corruption they stem from, it might be an affair with an adult film actress and the ensuing cover-up that ultimately bring down the Trump era.

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