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Michael Avenatti Reveals Giuliani’s Massive Slip Up in His Admission: “It’s a violation of federal law. It’s a criminal act”

Rudy Giuliani, in what I’m sure was a well-intentioned attempt to help his new legal client, popular vote loser Donald Trump, went on national TV on Wednesday and admitted that Trump was lying about his payoff to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Daniels’ lawyer has pounced on Trump after Giuliani’s admission about the hush money. Michael Avenatti has now floated the possibility that Donald Trump may have committed a federal crime by illegally structuring hush money through Michael Cohen.

Avenatti was featured on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell and said:

“The plot thickens, right?”

“I certainly hope that what Rudy Giuliani is not suggesting is, is that in fact, the reimbursement took place over several months, in an effort to avoid triggering a $10,000 monetary requirement relating to payments; namely if they structured reimbursement payments.”

“Again, I don’t have any basis that they did. But that statement causes me grave concern. If they structured reimbursements in amounts less of than $10,000 in an effort to potentially avoid detection; that’s a serious, serious problem.”

“That’s called structuring. It’s a violation of federal law. It’s a criminal act…”

“It doesn’t make any sense why this reimbursement took place over several months, it doesn’t make any sense unless they were trying to avoid detection.”

Structuring is a very serious crime, carrying penalties for violations of greater than $100,000 in illegally structured transactions over a 12-month period up to 10 years in prison and a half-million dollar fine.

You’d think as big a self-proclaimed stable genius as he is, Trump would hire smarter lawyers.

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