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Michael Cohen just painted a bullseye on Jared Kushner for Robert Mueller

After pleading guilty to facilitating illegal hush money payments to Trump’s former mistresses on Trump’s behalf, and receiving a 36-month sentence to prison as a result, it appears Donald Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen is going down, but not before doing some damage along the way.

In a public statement on ABC News, Cohen claimed that Trump’s previous denials of knowledge of such payments are blatant lies. And frankly, the end result doesn’t look good for Trump and just might land Jared Kushner in prison before all is said and done.

According to multiple sources, Cohen, Donald Trump and David Pecker, publisher and chief executive of AMI, the publisher of the National Enquirer, were all present in the room discussing the terms of paying off Trump’s mistresses. Then, after the fallout between Cohen and Trump, Jared Kushner stepped into role of Trump’s fixer.

However, as the new report from the Daily Beast explains, Kushner’s rise actually began before Cohen’s official departure from Trump’s legal team:

“During the early months of the Trump era, Kushner performed the task admirably, discussing with Pecker various issues over the phone, including everything from international relations to media gossip, according to four sources familiar with the situation. Pecker, for his part, bragged to people that he was speaking to the president’s son-in-law and, more generally, about the level of access he had to the upper echelons of the West Wing, two sources with knowledge of the relationship recounted.”

In other words, it appears that while Kushner was allegedly working on peace in the Middle East, and the opioid epidemic, he somehow also managed to find time to rub elbows with David Pecker in order to cover for and protect his father-in-law against the crimes he had committed.

As the beloved son-in-law, that may have felt like the noble thing to do at the time, but now, based on revelations in Cohen’s case, it perhaps wasn’t the wisest thing to do. If Kushner didn’t regret it then, I bet he probably does now.

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