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Mike Pence Has Now Been Strongly Implicated By Mike Flynn Jr. in Alleged Cover-up

When the history books on this era of American history are written, they’ll have to cover how incredibly inept, how terribly, terribly bad at politics and law this presidential administration and its associates truly are. They are really bad at this.

Case in point – The son of disgraced and indicted former national security advisor Mike Flynn, Mike Flynn Jr., just implicated Vice President Mike Pence in the Trump/Russia scandal, but likely has no idea he’s done it.

As you’ll recall Donald Trump and Mike Pence say they made the decision to fire Michael Flynn because he lied about phones calls with the Russians during the transition period.

The story has never really added up for various reasons, including the fact that Pence has claimed in multiple TV interviews that he was unaware of Flynn’s actions at the time, despite the fact that House Democrat Elijah Cummings (and others) warned Pence about Flynn months earlier, even sending Pence a letter alleging Flynn was working with and taking money from foreign governments, yet Pence claims he knew nothing about it until it came out in the media.

Fast forward a few months and Michael Flynn Jr. is now saying publicly that his father never lied to Mike Pence. If that’s true, it’s not hard to piece together that he’s suggesting Mike Pence lied multiple times to the public.

Michael Flynn Jr tweeted: “American Patriot General Michael Flynn did not lie to Pence (or anyone else in the admin) about his perfectly legal and appropriate conversations w Russian AMB Kislyak in Dec 2016.”

Flynn Jr.’s claim that his father’s transition period negotiations with the Russians were legal is totally false. The negotiations were absolutely illegal. Michael Flynn has since pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, and has also agreed to testify against those involved, which will help him avoid criminal charges.

So, back to the issue at hand here. If Flynn Jr’s claim that his father “did not lie” to Pence is true, it means Pence committed a crime by lying about not knowing about Flynn’s activity with a foreign government.

If you lie to the public with the intent to affect an investigation, it’s considered felony obstruction of justice.

In short, if Mike Pence was lying when he said Michael Flynn lied to him, it means things aren’t going to end well for Pence. We already know that Michael Flynn has been cooperating with Mueller for months and if Flynn can prove what he said to Pence, it’s hard to see Pence surviving this.

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