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Mike Pence Tape Released – And the Irony is Stunning

Vice President Mike Pence is a really upstanding, upright, morally superior and ethically unshakable man of deep principles and convictions. Well, that’s what he and his hypocritical evangelical supporters would have you believe anyway.

Take, for example, Pence’s statements to Focus on the Family last summer, defending popular vote loser Donald Trump as a champion of Christian values:

He repeatedly referred to President Trump as both an “unwavering ally” of Christian evangelicals and a believer himself — calling him “a leader, a believer, a timeless defender of the values that will make America great again.” He described Trump as someone who “advocated in the public square for values our public needs to hear, now more than ever

And then compare that to Mike Pence’s radio show:

Mike Pence on adultery: “Is adultery no longer a big deal in America? I believe the 7th commandment is STILL a big deal. It’s the most important promise you’ll ever make. Holding people accountable to those promises…what could possibly be a BIGGER deal?”

So, Mike, nothing could be a bigger deal than holding people accountable for their adultery? So, I’m assuming you’ve confronted the President on his then?

Yeah, right. There’s zero chance Mike Pence has said anything whatsoever to Trump about his numerous adulterous scandals. It’s truly sickening how people change their mind about things once they are elected to power. Mike Pence could very well still have the same beliefs, but clearly those beliefs aren’t strong enough for him to stop defending the president at every turn.

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