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More Trump/Russia evidence released involving presidential election

There is no question that Russia interfered with the 2016 US Presidential election, swinging it to eventual winner Donald Trump.  It’s a fact. It happened. But until now, it appeared that most of the Russian campaign to elect Trump was centered around attacks on Hillary Clinton, when in reality, they were influencing votes away from her by promoting Jill Stein.

According to a NBC news, a new report compiled by the Senate shows Green Party candidate Jill Stein was the subject of a social media blitz organized to raise her profile and create a better playing field for Trump.

“Building support for Stein was one of a ‘roster of themes’ the Moscow-sanctioned internet trolls ‘turned to repeatedly’ in their effort to disrupt the election, according to a research team led by the New Knowledge cybersecurity firm,” the report says. “The researchers also found that the campaign to bolster Stein gained in intensity in the final days of the presidential campaign and largely targeted African-American voters.”

Jill Stein has consistently denied aided by Russians in her campaign, despite her questionable appearance in Russia at a conference where she was [photographed sitting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the NBC report: “An analysis found that Russians working under the direction of the Internet Research Agency, the St. Petersburg-based firm run by a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, tweeted the phrase ‘Jill Stein”’over 1,000 times around the time of the election.”

“The posts were often accompanied by variations of the same hashtag, ‘Grow a spine and vote Jill Stein,’” it went on to say.

This revelation just adds to the long list of evidence that suggests Donald Trump’s didn’t win the presidency legitimately.  Besides the massive corruption, the gross incompetence, the international embarrassment, and the unending chaos in the White House, the fact remains that Trump was elected with the help of a hostile foreign government undermined the very fabric of American democracy to get him in the Oval Office.

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