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Mountain of Evidence Handed to Mueller, Mike Pence May Be Next to Go

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been reading through every single email sent and received by the Trump transition team during the transition period, and Mueller had them for several months.

Langhofer, the Trump transition team lawyer, is now freaking out about it saying that the GSA’s transfer of materials was illegal.

Reuters points out, “The FBI had requested the materials from GSA staff on Aug. 23, asking for copies of the emails, laptops, cell phones and other materials associated with nine members of the Trump transition team responsible for national security and policy matters, the letter said.”

This is bad news for several of Trump’s minions. Trump’s transition team included Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon, Devin Nunes, Trump Jr. and of course Mike Pence.

We already know that Michael Flynn was conspiring with the Russian Ambassador and the entire transition team knew about it. Pence was the head of the transition team, but claims that he had no knowledge of what Flynn was doing. The entire team knew, but Pence didn’t?

That seems highly unlikely and Pence lied to cover his own behind.

In fact, below is a copy of the letter sent to Mike Pence on November 18, 2016 by Elijah Cummings alerting Pence of Flynn’s involvement, yet Pence claims ignorance:

Bill Palmer points out, “These emails, around fifty thousand of them in total, surely document which specific transition team members knew about Flynn’s plot with the Russians. Perhaps more importantly in the scheme of things, somewhere in these emails there is probably discussion or confirmation that Mike Pence was informed. If so, that’s the ballgame for Pence. It’ll mean he knew about a criminal conspiracy and he lied to the public to try to cover it up and throw off investigators.”

Pence has been laying pretty low lately so that he can step right in when Trump is inevitably ousted. His plan may be spoiled, however, when Mueller goes after him as well. Don’t be surprised if Pence is the next one to cut a deal with Mueller in an effort to save himself and take down Trump in the process.

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