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MSNBC Expert Contributor Gives Expected Timeline of “Cataclysmic Acts” by Mueller Against Team Trump

The Trump-Russia investigation has seen a bundle of activity this week. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is now cooperating with Mueller, in which Trump reportedly flipped out about because Sessions wouldn’t tell him what Mueller asked. Mueller is also set to interview Trump in the near future, in which there are mixed stories about whether or not Trump will actually sit down with him. Things are heating up.

This movement has led one expert to predict a rapid decline of Trump and his family in the coming weeks.

Malcolm Nance of MSNBC summed up his views on Twitter saying “Today confirms my estimate that by the end of March Mueller may take cataclysmic acts in Trump Russia investigation. By then we’ll see if Kushner or Trump Jr are indicted or turn on Trump.”

Basically once Mueller interviews Trump, he won’t need Kushner or Trump Jr. It’s not hard to see how this is going to go down.

Kushner or Trump Jr. could negotiation a plea deal, but Mueller already has a bunch of witnesses who are already cooperating. It’s hard to imagine Trump Jr. cutting a deal, but Kushner would probably throw Trump under the bus to save himself. If either of them are considering it, they better move quick because once Mueller sits down with Trump that door closes tight.

Once Mueller finishes talking with Trump, the obstruction of justice phase of the investigation will be over. Nance thinks the timeline is within the coming weeks, but really this could play out any time in the coming days.

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