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Mueller Corners Trump and Associates with 3 Massive Moves in a Single Day

Special Counsel Robert Mueller knows that the way to bring down a powerful person is by getting his/her subordinates to flip on them.  That shouldn’t be a hard task with the associates of popular vote loser Donald Trump.

Mueller has already gotten Rick Gates to flip, undoubtedly providing him with invaluable information. Now, Mueller is going after bigger fish, and he’s going all-in on those bigger fish.

We all saw the questions leaked that Mueller has for Trump. One particular question in the list had to do with Trump ally Roger Stone. It didn’t take long for reports to release that Mueller is in fact honing in on Roger Stone. CNBC reports Mueller is leveraging Rick Gates to get to Stone.

Donald Trump and Roger Stone have been close friends for many years, so it can only assumed the Stone knows a lot of information that Trump hopes he doesn’t share with Mueller, but if he does it could turn out to be Mueller’s best witness yet.

But things get worse…

It’s no secret that Paul Manafort is still refusing to flip, so Mueller pretty much threatened last month to subpoena 35 people to testify against Manafort. Turns out, Mueller wasn’t bluffing, as he just obtained 70 blank subpoena forms, as it takes two for each subpoena.

Robert Mueller doesn’t ask question he doesn’t already know the answer to, so if he catches any of these people lying under oath, it won’t be hard to get them to flip to avoid charges.

But it gets even worse…

NBC News reported that the Feds wiretapped Michael Cohen’s phone, only to later clarify that his phone calls are merely being “monitored”. Whatever the case, the fact remains that one of the monitored phone calls was made to the White House, and you can bet Robert Mueller will find out every detail about it.

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