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Mueller Delivers a Very Bad Day for Trump’s Son-in-Law, Calling Him by Name

Although most of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sentencing memo has since been redacted, the gist of it revealed that Michael Flynn held up his end of the bargain in his cooperating plea deal, and that the list of people and things he gave up throughout the process clearly goes on for days. And while most of the redacted names remain a mystery for now, that isn’t the case with Jared Kushner’s.

In an unredacted portion of the sentencing memo, it is revealed that during the transition period, a time in which the Trump team wasn’t in office, Jared Kushner instructed Michael Flynn to reach out to Russia regarding the United Nations and Israeli settlements. Unfortunately for Kushner, this could be seen as a felony violation of the Logan Act, as it appears he orchestrated an attempt to behind the back of the United States government to negotiate with Russia.

Considering Michael Flynn cut his plea deal and has fully cooperated with Mueller’s investigation, you can assume that if charges are going to be brought for this, his will be lessened. However, with no plea deal in place, that won’t be the case with Kushner. At the very least, based on this information, he could be criminally charged for conspiring with Russia during the transition period. Or at the very most, he could be looking at espionage, conspiracy against the United States, or even treason.

While the sentencing memo has certainly been an interesting development, there’s still a lot of uncertainty as to when Robert Mueller will make his moves on Donald Trump’s family members. However, by mentioning and not redacting Jared Kushner’s name, perhaps this was his subliminal way of telling everyone he isn’t far from doing so. And if Kushner is the first one up, perhaps he should consider cutting a plea deal of his own, even if it means turning on his father-in-law.

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