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Mueller Expected to Make His Move within The Next Two Weeks

For those who are not fans of the Donald Trump presidency, it’s easy to get impatient with and worried about the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller seemingly never getting anywhere.  Sometimes it seems like Mueller is only investigating those around Trump and not the President himself.

Well, buckle up, because it’s very possible that Mueller is about to make a “flurry” of legal moves that could change all of that.

Robert Mueller’s investigation hasn’t been a big topic for the media over the past few weeks given the fact that Trump’s Stormy Daniels scandal and the raid of his lawyer Michael Cohen has bursted onto the scene. However, be prepared for Mueller to light up the headlines within the next couple of weeks.

About a month ago, NBC News reported,“Two people familiar with the investigation said they expect a flurry of activity from Mueller’s office on the investigation in the next six weeks around the anniversary of his appointment as special counsel.”

This leaves just a couple of weeks in that timeframe, so buckle up.

Bill Palmer says, “Robert Mueller will file a report with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who can decide whether to make it public (hint: he will) before turning it over to the Republican-controlled Congress (which will probably do nothing). But based on Mueller’s consistent pattern of aggressiveness, we know for sure that he’s planning to do a whole lot more than just file a report and call it a day. In fact, once his report has been filed, it frees him up to go ahead and unseal the biggest indictments he’s been sitting on because he didn’t want to disrupt the investigation.”

Simply put, get ready for Mueller to makes big moves in the coming days.

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