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Mueller Gets Key Witness to Roll – Watergate Veteran Says, “It’s the end of [Trump’s] presidency” if he testifies against Trump

After reports surfaced that the Trump campaign, under the direction of Paul Manafort, gave the Kremlin private internal polling data, people began questioning how the Feds got that intel. Now, it’s been confirmed that it was Rick Gates who told them.

Rick Gates was Paul Manafort’s right hand man. Gates was also a key Trump campaign adviser and lasted longer than Manafort in the position. Gates has key connections in the Republican National Committee which probably secured his position. Apparently, Manafort clued in Gates on every ongoing detail of the campaign.

Manafort wasn’t trying very hard to hide his shady activity from the people around him, even if that meant it got back to the RNC. It’s possible they already knew what he was doing or they were so distracted with other Trump activities they didn’t notice. The handing over of the data was not an under the table operation, it was an official move from the Trump campaign.

The only logical reason the Kremlin would want the polling data would be so the hackers would know which states to target. The Senate Intel Committee confirmed that the hackers used voter registration databases to delete voter registrations to prevent some people from being able to vote.

Paul Manafort and the Kremlin conspired to rig the outcome of the presidential election with intentional hacking, no question about it. Rick Gates was also in on the plan and has obviously been cooperating and telling everything he witnessed during his time on the campaign. If the decision included the entire campaign staff, and perhaps even the RNC, the list of key players is just continuing to grow. Trump only works with the best and brightest, right? Wrong.

Watergate veteran, John Dean, said the following almost a year ago – and it’s looking more and more like he’s right:

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