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Mueller Makes a Brilliant Play That Will Force Trump to Sit Down with Him

Remember that popular vote loser Donald Trump only hires the best people?

Well, he’s hired so many great lawyers for his legal defense team that none of them actually have the security clearance required for the possible meetings with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

John Dowd, Trump’s former lead lawyer, was the only member of Trump’s legal team with a security clearance, according to new reports.. When decided to exit back in March, Jay Sekulow became the lead lawyer on the investigation and he is  waiting for his clearance.

Do you see the problem here?

Bloomberg points out: “The lack of security clearances could further complicate already sensitive talks with Mueller’s team. Prosecutors for Mueller made clear to Trump’s lawyers before Dowd left the legal team that the special counsel would consider a subpoena compelling the president to testify before a grand jury if he refuses to participate in a voluntary interview, Dowd told Bloomberg News.”

“Mueller believes he has legal standing to subpoena a sitting president, even though such a move has never been fully tested, according to the two current U.S. officials. Unlike an interview, Trump couldn’t bring his lawyers into a grand jury room. If Trump agrees to an interview, the topics that could require security clearance for the president’s lawyers include a meeting he had with Russian officials the day after the president fired FBI Director James Comey. That was on a list of more than 40 potential questions that Trump’s legal team compiled based on their discussions with Mueller.”

Put another way, there is a very distinct possibility that Trump’s own legal team can’t adequately defend him due to no being able to obtain the proper security clearance to do so.

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