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Mueller Makes Brilliant Move to Get What He Wants…and They All Fell For It

We have all known for quite sometime that there was a FISA surveillance warrant against Paul Manafort that covered a timeframe before and after the election. All communication was monitored, including his phone call and emails with key member of the Trump campaign.

Fact is, Robert Mueller likely doesn’t need Paul Manafort to flip, because he already has Manafort’s conversations recorded with numerous key Trump-Russia players.

The wiretap has provided Mueller with so much evidence against so many people, he can indict and arrest just about anyone at any time – and that’s the point. It’s part of why he arrested Manafort. It was a move to get people to start talking.

Bill Palmer explains:

Since when does a prosector start by arresting a high ranking player who’s unlikely to cooperate anyway? When everyone else involved in the scandal is already shaking in their boots while trying to figure out whether they got caught saying anything incriminating on Manafort’s wiretap. Now that he’s been arrested, they’re all quickly trying to figure out whether to hurry up and cut deals before they get the knock on the door.

This move Mueller certainly explains why everyone is scrambling.

Sam Clovis was in front of a grand jury not long ago. Carter Page gave up incriminating information during his congressional testimony. Jeff Sessions has panicked time and time gain…and changed his story time and time again. J.D. Gordon publicly outed Trump for knowing about what George Papadopoulos was plotting with Russia. And there’s much more.

You see, Robert Mueller was able to put all of this into motion with his move on Manafort. He arrested a guy who he knew wasn’t going to cooperate anyway so that the others would immediately scramble to figure out how to cooperate to save themselves.

After all, many of them just might be caught on Manafort’s wiretap. Those recordings may someday be as famous as the Watergate tapes.  The real difference is that this scandal is far more corrupt than Nixon could have ever dreamed of being.

History won’t judge these people kindly.  In fact, most of the present isn’t judging these people kindly either.

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