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Mueller Makes Unexpected Legal Move That Gets Him Closer to Trump

With so much of the nation’s attention directed at the tragic school shooting at Stoneman Douglas and the subsequent calls for more gun control, it’s understandable how some have missed out on all the latest news regarding Donald Trump’s Russia scandal.

If that describes you, all you need to know is that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been busy swinging this past week, and now it appears he is swinging with reckless abandon. Before we get into how, let’s start with a few of his most notable moves that have received publicity.

First, Mueller indicted thirteen Russians for conspiring to rig the election in Trump’s favor. After that, he managed to obtain a guilty plea from a Trump-Russia attorney who had misled investigators. Then, Mueller agreed to a plea deal with former Trump adviser Rick Gates.

However, as big as those moves were, there were a number of others which have not received the publicity or attention they deserve. But that changes now.

Mueller has now filed a sealed document in the Gates-Manafort case which appears to include additional criminal charges against Paul Manafort. This means that, in order to get his plea deal, Gates is telling all on Manafort, and putting Mueller is prime position to force Manafort into a plea deal against Trump and/or someone way up the food chain of the scandal. In other words, the snowball effect is officially in order.  And, knowing Manafort and his history with Trump, he probably has a fair amount of dirt on him which he will have to spill in order to avoid or mitigate a prison sentence.

No matter how you look at it, all of Robert Mueller’s recent moves point to one thing: He is tactfully going after Donald Trump…and the writing has been on the wall for a while, too.

A few weeks ago, Mueller told Trump’s lawyers that he wants to interview Trump to discuss obstruction of justice charges. Trump has yet to grant him the interview, but at the rate Mueller is moving, Trump won’t be able to avoid it much longer. He’s been swinging pretty hard these past few weeks, and so far…he hasn’t missed.

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