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Mueller Sends a Loud Message to Jared Kusher, Will He Flip on His Father-in-Law?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been making some big moves lately. While he keeps most of his plans completely secret, not allowing anything whatsoever to leak to the media, Mueller has now seemingly decided to send a big ole’ signal to America who just might be next on his list: Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Even though he never speaks directly to the public, Mueller does often use the media to get his message out there by allowing someone close to the investigation to leak things. This time, he’s using CNN to report that he’s going after Kushner for his attempts to secure foreign financing for his businesses “according to people familiar with the inquiry”.

The message to Jared Kushner from Robert Mueller couldn’t be any clearer: Cut a deal, or you are toast.

It’s been known for months that Jared Kushner met with the Russian Ambassador during the transition period, then went on to meet with the head of a Russian bank immediately afterward, and then proceeded to lie about it (or omit it, whatever you want to call it) on his security clearance forms by not disclosing the meetings.

Did Kushner use these two meetings to work out a trade of political favors to the Russian government in exchange for some type of financial gain, like his failed real estate projects? For now, only Kushner knows the answer to that, but Robert Mueller will find out for himself, one way of another…or perhaps Mueller already knows and is sending a loud message to Kushner.

Bill Palmer sums it up like this: “So why is Robert Mueller zeroing in on Jared Kushner for his endgame? There are only a small handful of people with intimate knowledge of Donald Trump’s decades of financial crimes, and Kushner is the only one who’s not blood-related to Trump. It looks like Mueller is betting that he can pressure Kushner into cutting a plea deal against Trump. That would destroy Kushner’s family, but it might keep him from spending the rest of his life in prison. In any case, Mueller just signaled that Kushner’s time to make a decision is very short.”

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