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Mueller Time: “Jaw-dropping arrest and indictment” on its way

The proverbial writing has been on the wall for a while now, but considering recent moves made by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, something big is brewing.

Our first indication came just days ago with the news of Roger Stone’s indictment and arrest for his WikiLeaks-related crimes, but the latest and greatest indication arrived via Mueller gaining access to Donald Trump Jr.’s  testimony transcripts. And according to Salon analyst Lucian K. Truscott IV, the end result will likely lead to additional indictments and arrests, including Jr., Jared Kushner, and others.

In his lengthy report, Truscott analyzes the pattern of Robert Mueller’s language in recent court filings, and has drawn the conclusion that anyone connected to WikiLeaks and the stolen Democratic National Committee e-mails should be very concerned.

“The next arrest and indictment you’re going to see from Mueller will be his biggest yet. One morning in the not too distant future, he’s going to sweep up everyone remaining who was associated with using the Democratic Party emails stolen by the Russians. Julian Assange will be indicted. So will Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner. Roger Stone will probably face a superseding indictment along with the others for defrauding the United States by conspiring with WikiLeaks and the Russian intelligence service, the GRU, to steal Democratic Party campaign documents and use them to interfere with the American presidential election of 2016, the same charge he made against the Russians. Mueller will probably follow Justice Department guidelines and the example set by Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski in Watergate. He will probably not indict the president, but he will name him as an unindicted co-conspirator, just as Richard Nixon was in Watergate.

It’s going to be a jaw-dropping arrest and indictment because it has to be. Mueller can no longer issue indictments piecemeal and get guilty pleas or convictions one by one. This time, he must lay out a case that Trump and his campaign officials committed crimes that are so egregious, it will be impossible for the congress to fail to protect him from being fired. If Mueller were to indict Kushner alone, or Trump Jr. alone, it would be too easy for Trump to feign outrage and fire him. That’s why Mueller’s next move will be his last, and it will be the big one, sweeping up everyone who is left at once.”

If you’re among the crowd that isn’t sure how feasible this conclusion is, just run through the logic and you’ll find how realistic it could be. Why else would Mueller have gone ahead and indicted Roger Stone on the WikiLeaks-related charges now as opposed to doing so after the criminal case against him is complete? The WikiLeaks connection here is key, as it paves the most viable path to conspiracy charges against everyone else.

And to sweeten the deal here, if the “everyone else” mentioned in the “sweep” Truscott predicts truly includes the likes of Trump Jr. and Kushner, it will get the Special Counsel one step closer to Donald Trump. Buckle up, folks.

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