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Papadopoulos Strongly Implicates Jeff Sessions in Mueller Investigation

While the media covers distractions that popular vote loser Donald Trump is throwing at America, let’s not forget that his enablers on the House Intelligence Committee just ridiculously ended their Russia probe, claiming there’s no evidence of collusion.

Already this week, Donald Trump has concocted some strange fantasy about an American “Space Force” and then fired the Secretary of State on Twitter creating even more drama in his administration.

Seth Abramson took to twitter weeks ago to explain how this all may be a way of distracting Americans from the utter idiocy of the Intel Committee ending their probe:

(Below are the tweets from Abramson)

2/ If George Papadopoulos is correct (and he certainly has every reason not to lie, now that he’s under a plea deal) Mueller has Sessions on several counts of perjury and the AG is in fact, as I’ve been saying for some time now, one of the top targets in Mueller’s investigation.

3/ If Sessions agreed with Trump on a secret Trump-Putin meeting on March 31, 2016, he not only lied about his reaction at that meeting but also had the requisite knowledge of his actions, state of mind, and intent to commit perjury *multiple times* in testimony before Congress.

4/ Let’s face it: Trump can get the media to cover whatever story he wants; they apparently have no ability to independently gauge the importance of individual stories and triage them prior to reporting them out to the American people. And that’s why Trump won in the first place.

5/ Tillerson was always going to be fired—as he was never going to let himself to be a Trump lackey (he’s smarter and more confident than Trump). The “Space Force” idea is just a brain fart. Trump and Cohen ignoring Daniels’ offer and what Papadopoulos said to Mueller *matters*.

If all Trump has to do is say something stupid to get the media to cover whatever he wants, then he is an absolute master at getting the media to cover whatever he wants.

Saying something stupid is the one thing in all the world Donald Trump is very, very good at.

So, what exactly is Seth Abramson referring to above in his Twitter thread?

George Papadopoulos – Former Donald Trump policy adviser – told federal investigators that Donald Trump “personally encouraged him” to setup a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Michael Isikoff and David Corn in their new book.

Since pleading guilty in October 2017, Papadopoulos has been cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his Russia probe.

According to Isikoff and Corn’s new book “Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump,” Papadopoulos informed Robert Mueller that in March 31, 2016, he told Trump during a foreign policy meeting that he could setup a meeting with Putin – which Papadopoulos says Trump thought was “interesting.”

As Yahoo News reports, “Trump looked at Sessions, as if he expected him to follow up with Papadopoulos, and Sessions nodded in response, the authors write.”

Buckle up, folks. Things just got interesting.

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