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Multiple Revelations Just Made Mueller’s Job Much Easier, No Chance Trump Fires Him

Nearly a year in at this point, the baseless media hype-train suggesting that Donald Trump is going to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller has gotten out of control.  In fact, it’s gotten so far out of control that, based on past weeks’ events alone, it may have finally derailed once and for all. If Mueller’s job was ever in any jeopardy, he can take comfort in knowing it certainly isn’t anymore.

With new revelations that surfaced, it appears Robert Mueller’s is poised for the last laugh as his job has become much less difficult. If you thought the news that Donald Trump’s new “attorney” Rudy Giuliani has publicly confessed to multiple (almost certainly) illegal acts by Trump was big news, then boy do we have much bigger surprises to share with you.

Where to begin? Well for starters, how about the fact that we’ve learned a Kremlin oligarch paid $500,000 to Michael Cohen shortly after Cohen paid off Stormy Daniels? If that’s not big enough for you, how about AT&T admitting it paid $200,000 to Cohen in the hope of influencing Trump?

If you’re keeping score, this means that Michael Cohen is in such a deep hole now, a plea deal against Donald Trump and/or others is seemingly imminent. Also, with knowledge now in his possession as to how the Kremlin was possibly funneling money to Trump through Cohen, Mueller finally has an evidence trail that he will be tearing into.

If you’re still not convinced, well then I must share perhaps the biggest news of all in that the Senate Intel Committee has published and acknowledged that Russian hackers were indeed in position to rig the outcome of the election by deleting voter registration data, causing voters to be turned away as a result. If the Russians really did rig the election, Trump didn’t really win…and Mueller’s job is perhaps more secure than it has ever been before.

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