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Multiple sealed indictments have been discovered – Mueller time?

A few days ago, we learned through updates to the docket for the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. that Special Counsel Robert Mueller may have indicted someone under seal on Thursday. Then, not even twenty four hours later, that seal was broken, as we learned of Roger Stone’s arrest.

Then, last Thursday, the same docket just so happened to list four new items under seal. Coincidence? I know that any number of these could be totally unrelated to the Special Counsel’s investigation, but based on the wording and nature of Stone’s unsealed indictment, there’s ample reason to believe that Mueller has ramped things up in the Trump-Russia probe and that a number of arrests are likely soon to follow.

Additionally, the sequence of the four sealed items on the docket are identified as 19-cr-24, 19-cr-25, 19-cr-28, and 19-cr-29, which is particularly interesting.

Again, it could be completely unrelated, but according to legal experts, the sequential numbers (i.e. 19-cr-24 and 19-cr-25, and 19-cr-28 and 19-cr-29) suggest that it could be multiple indictments against at least two different targets. If you’re quick to dismiss this, I wouldn’t be so sure. We saw the same thing on the same court docket nearly two weeks ago, and then we ended up with Roger Stone’s arrest.

So what does this mean? Are we really on the verge of more arrests in the coming days that are related to the Trump-Russia probe? If so, who are the unfortunate individuals? Could it be Donald Trump Jr., who just had his perjury transcripts handed over to Mueller by the House Intel Committee? Or Jerome Corsi, who already knows he will be indicted?

I suppose we have no choice but to wait and see. Stay tuned.

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