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National Security Scandal Erupts in White House, “John Kelly Must Resign” Says Congressman

The list of alleged crimes committed by the White House is apparently even longer than we originally thought and it continues to grow by the week.

White House aide Rob Porter may be the worst recently, as he physically assaulted both of his ex-wives and resigned as a result. If that wasn’t enough, Donald Trump and John Kelly kept him on the job despite knowing all about it. They even continued to allow him access to classified information despite him not having the proper security clearance.

Porter’s history made him unable to obtain permanent security clearance and his interim clearance expired in January. The FBI didn’t want him handling the intel, but John Kelly didn’t seem to care. Congressman Ted Lieu has now spelled out just how criminal that actually was.

Lieu tweeted “This is a very disturbing article. If in fact Rob Porter’s interim security clearance expired on Jan 15 and John Kelly continued to let him handle highly classified information, then Kelly must resign. Also, giving someone classified info who is not cleared to see it is a crime.”

(Here is the Politico article Lieu is referring to)

William J. Antholis writes: “Having worked at the White House—including both at the National Security Council and alongside the staff secretary—I believe Porter-gate has all the markings either of a very high security breach or a highly unusual staff structure. It also raises real questions about how Trump White House staff under both Reince Priebus and John Kelly managed sensitive information, and what both of them knew about the allegations against Porter and when they knew it.”

As staff secretary, Porter held one of the most important, and underappreciated, positions at the White House. The staff secretary normally is responsible for managing all information that flows to the president—usually including the secrets known to only a small handful of people—principally, President Donald Trump and former and current chiefs of staff Priebus and Kelly, and former and current national security advisers Michael Flynn and Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, respectively.

This is certainly a major scandal, but the White House and it’s Republican defenders don’t seem to care. Could you imagine the explosion that would be occurring right now had Barack Obama done this?

Donald Trump knew John Kelly was doing this and didn’t stop him, he allowed it. This illegal sharing of classified intel could probably bring down most of those in the White House, but don’t hold your breath.

The Washington Post is reporting that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner can’t get his permanent security clearance either, yet he’s maintained his senior White House position anyway. Kushner’s still on the hook for his meeting with the Russians during the transition period and subsequent lies about it appear to be in his way.

The lists of scandals continues to grow and apparently several involved have national security implications. This all deserves an investigation and should likely lead to resignations.

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