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NFL Owner Goes Under Oath and Exposes Trump’s Threat in Legal Battle

The NFL has collectively blacklisted quarterback Colin Kaepernick from their league after he took a knee during the National Anthem to protest racism in America. Other players followed his lead and now the NFL has made a startling and controversial decision to ban players from kneeling during the National Anthem.

If that isn’t newsworthy enough, one team owner has now admitted under oath that Trump improperly pushed the league into this decision for his own personal political gain.

Kaepernick has since sued the NFL for blackballing him and this suit has opened up Pandora’s box on the issue. Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner, has now testified in the case.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Trump told Jones “You can’t win this one.” Basically, Trump threatened to continue to go after the NFL if they didn’t bend to his will. Trump also reportedly said, “This one lifts me.”

Team owners care most about their money, that’s no secret. They have been taking a large hit over the kneeling controversy and siding with the players could potentially cost them even more revenue.

Bill Palmer puts it this way: “If the NFL sides with the players who are protesting against racism, it risks alienating racist viewers. If the NFL sides with Trump and the racists, it risks alienating mainstream Americans. There are ratings to be lost, sponsors to be boycotted, and a whole lot of money on the line.”

The NFL owners could decide to flip on the rule now that they’ve been exposed for their real motives and heard the public response. The fact that Trump threatened any form of retaliation has to have peaked Mueller’s interest considering that this violates multiple federal laws. If Mueller starts sniffing around Trump’s connection to the NFL, we will not be surprised.

What genius thought it was a good idea to try to save a league by siding with a failing administration who’s wrapped up in a criminal scandal?

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