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Opinion: It Appears Steve Bannon Has Already Flipped For Mueller

During Steve Bannon’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee earlier this week, his attorney kept using his phone to communicate with someone to ask whether or not Bannon should actually answer some of the questions.

It appeared to everyone that he was calling Trump’s legal team. If that was the case, one would expect Mueller to push Bannon’s attorney out of their upcoming interview, but it appears he’s taking a different approach.

Bannon’s attorney also represents Reince Priebus and White House Counsel Don McGahn. This is would only be allowed if all three clients are in the same position and aren’t conflicting with each other. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reported on her show that Mueller did sign off on Bannon using his current attorney during his upcoming interview, despite the fact that he’s representing two other clients caught up in the Trump-Russia sandal.

Bill Palmer put the pieces together saying, “This means Mueller is certain that the attorney in question is not doing Trump’s bidding. Yet this is the same attorney who kept calling someone after each questions asked by the House Intel Committee yesterday, in order to find out whether it should be answered. Yet at no point did Bannon or his attorney say that “executive privilege” was being invoked, instead referring to it more generically as a “gag order.” Now that we know Mueller has 100% trust in Bannon’s attorney, it’s fairly safe to assume that the attorney was in fact calling Mueller’s people during the hearings, not Trump’s people.”

When you add up what had taken place, it certainly looks like Steve Bannon has already flipped and his attorney was already coordinating with Mueller to get Bannon through the House Intel Committee hearing without giving up key information before Mueller’s one-on-one with him. If one of the attorney’s clients have flipped, all three of this attorney’s clients have flipped, so we should expect Don McGahn’s exit from the White House any moment now, because Trump will figure all of this out, or more likely, have someone explain it to him.

(The contents of this article are the opinion of the writer based on their own observations. This is not a news report and should not be taken as fact)

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