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Paul Manafort Giving Up “Trump, Kushner & Trump Jr. for a deal”, Says Intel Expert

Former Trump campaign adviser Rick Gates recently acknowledged that he will plead guilty to crimes related to the Russia probe and will be testifying against his former business partner, former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been trying to get Gates to flip on Manafort, which will almost certainly lead to Manafort flipping on someone higher up the food chain…perhaps popular vote loser Donald Trump himself.

One Intelligence expert believes that not only is that going to happen, it’s going to bring down more than just Donald Trump, but potentially several members of his family as well:

MSNBC intelligence expert Malcolm Nance has a strong track record on the subject of Russia hacking the 2016 presidential election.

Nance had the following to say in response to an LA Times article announcing the news about Rick Gates guilty plea:

“With Gates turned state evidence Manafort will plead soon. He will give up Trump, Kushner & Trump jr for a deal. Mueller’s Money laundering end game could come as fast in 60-90 days. Does not mean impeachment but will open up Trump’s tax returns.”

It’s not exactly known what Paul Manafort has on Trump, his family members, or his alleged co-conspirators, but it doesn’t take much to put the pieces together.

It’s common knowledge that Paul Manafort has financial interests that cross paths with Donald Trump, the least of which being Manafort’s condo in Trump Tower in New York. It will be a shock if the financial interests of both Manafort and Trump do not collide with Russian money laundering interests after it’s all said and done.

Not to mention, Paul Manafort was in attendance of the meeting that Donald Trump Jr and Jared Kushner held with the Russians in an effort to “allegedly” try to illegally conspire against Hillary Clinton by gathering dirt on her.

Bill Palmer sums it up like this: “Now that Rick Gates is forcing Paul Manafort to flip on the Trump family, one of the intriguing questions is whether this will prompt Jared Kushner to cut a plea deal against his father-in-law Donald Trump. Kushner has surely figured out that he’ll be indicted and put on trial for a variety of alleged crimes, ranging from lying on a security clearance form about his meetings with the Russians, to his shady internationally financed real estate projects. Manafort’s evidence against Kushner could be the final straw that breaks him.”

Mueller is closing in, and Trump knows it. That’s the only reasonable explanation for Trump’s escalating defensiveness and erratic Tweeting about his innocence.

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