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Paul Ryan Just Got Handed to Robert Mueller By Devin Nunes’ Memo Scandal

As it turns out, the much anticipated Devin Nunes memorandum wasn’t all that the Republicans had hoped it would be.

Instead of exposing abuses by the FBI in the Trump-Russia scandal, or giving Trump an upper hand in hopes of firing Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller, the only thing it seems to have accomplished is it proves yet another obstruction of justice charge and incriminates one of their own.  None other than…Paul Ryan.

While most of the focus within the memo surrounded the scrutiny around former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page and the FISA surveillance warrant the FBI and Department of Justice had on him, it unfortunately failed to make a case that there was anything scandalous about it or its 2017 renewal.

At the end of the day, all we can say is that it confirmed that the wiretap revealed crucial evidence, and that a renewal of the FISA warrant was very much warranted, just as Page himself recklessly predicted months ago, oddly enough.

When Carter Page did an interview a few months back with Chris Hayes, he started rambling, as he so often does, and actually predicted that Paul Ryan would be the one to exonerate him from the FISA warrant controversy.  At the time, we had no idea what to make of this prediction, because it was seen as just another case of Page running his mouth and spewing false information.  Yet here we are, realizing perhaps he wasn’t all that crazy in his prediction.

“I think when the truth comes out, when Speaker Raul Ryan says the FISA warrant or the details about the dodgy dossier and what happened and all the documents surround that is gonna be released, that’s what I’m excited about,” Page said in the October 30 interview. “I think the truth will set a lot of people free.”

“Because of the way he talks and behaves in interviews, everything Carter Page says seems fuzzy,” Rachel Maddow said on her show. “But what he just said there actually is what happened — and he knew about it months in advance.”

Though it “just sounded like another crazy thing that Carter Page said,” Maddow noted that his strange comment about Ryan and FISA warrants now seem oddly prescient.

“Months ago, there was a plan in the works that Carter Page knew about that involved Paul Ryan that they would try to use this warrant against Carter Page to make a public case to try to turn that warrant somehow into some sort of public information that presumably would be used to turn the Russia investigation into a scandal,” Maddow concluded.

This now leads us to question how Carter Page possibly could have foreseen this happening months ago. How, exactly, did he know that House Republicans would try to vindicate him, and that Paul Ryan would be the one to sign off on it? Was it his own incredible dumb luck, or did a crystal ball reveal it to him? Or could it be that Ryan and the GOP were planning it for months, Page knew about it, and then he accidentally let it slip?

We can speculate the answers to all those questions as much as we’d like, but the truth of the matter is this: It’s up to Robert Mueller to trail the evidence and decide. Should he find Ryan’s involvement in any of this, we’re talking about a serious case of obstruction of justice here.

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