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Paul Ryan Make Suspicious Fire/Hire with Midterms Just Around The Corner

Popular vote loser Donald Trump has been strangely crying foul about supposed voter fraud in the 2016 Presidential elections since he was elected, with ridiculous and completely baseless claims about how the only reason Hillary Clinton beat him in the popular vote was because of millions of illegal votes and other such claims.

You may even remember Trump’s utter failure of a voter fraud commission, that in their short time with us only served to prove that Trump’s claims were pretty much all bogus.

And then there’s congress, where people like House Speaker Paul Ryan regularly try to rig the system and then cry foul about how the voting system is rigged.

So, it’s not surprising when these people continue to try and change the law of the land to fit their voter suppressing agenda.

On the heels of irrefutable proof from the entirety of the US intelligence community that Russia meddled in the 2016 election and are ramping up to do it again in the November midterms this year, Trump and Ryan thought it’d be a great idea to fire the person in charge of making sure our voting machines aren’t cyber-attacked.

Yeah, that seems like a great, not-at-all-fishy thing to do, guys.

Reuters claims that The action raises fresh questions over the degree to which Republican President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans who control Congress are taking steps to protect the security of American elections, and some state officials have accused them of doing too little to address the threat.”

U.S. voters in November will go to the polls in midterm elections, which American intelligence officials have warned could be targeted by Russia or others seeking to disrupt the process.

What possible reason could they have for doing this?

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