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Paul Ryan Proves GOP Sabotaged Obamacare To Get Trump Elected

Well over 20 million Americans have healthcare they’ve never had before thanks to the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.  But, that number isn’t high enough to keep greedy Republicans from trying to screw them out of it.

The proof  just came when House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) was asked about where the money would come from for high-risk pools, his answer to rising health care costs. Instead of having cost protections, as it’s set up now under the current Affordable Healthcare Act, Ryan wants people with serious medical conditions to be placed in high-risk pools. What a swell guy.

The graph in this tweet explains how much Obamacare has benefited the American people, as the rate of uninsured has dropped drastically:


Speaker Ryan wants billions of dollars for these high risk pools, yet has been leading the charge in withholding money that could be used on healthcare and choosing instead to spend billions on fighter jets.

When asked about this, Ryan’s answer was less than gracious:



No, Paul, we don’t want a technical answer. That would require you to actually do your job.

NewCenturyTimes explains:

Basically saying, we have the money, and I want it for what I want, but I didn’t want it for the people of the nation when they needed it most because it didn’t serve in the best interests of me and my party in an election year.

He knows that if Obamacare is seen as a success, the GOP looks like losers. He literally tried to sabotage Obamacare to help the Republican party and Donald Trump win. Because then Trump had a basket full of excuses to hate the health law while campaigning and could point out rising costs.

So basically, Ryan is saying that they have the money, they just didn’t want Obama to succeed in helping millions of people.  Keep it classy, GOP.

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