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Plea Deal Just Handed, Odds of Micheal Cohen Flipping For Mueller Just Went Through The Roof

Donald Trump has been scrambling to obstruct justice more than ever in the last few days. There were several events that set this tailspin in motion, which all started with Roger Stone, one of his closest friends and allies, admitting on TV that he’s about to be indicted and arrested.

Then Manafort’s former son-in-law flipped on him and Manafort could be about to do the same. To top it all off, another new development regarding Micheal Cohen potentially flipping has come to light. Cue a Trump meltdown.

Cohen is known for being Trump’s shady middle man, but he is also known for his failing taxi cab business. Cohen’s partner was Evgeny Freidman, the Taxi King, and he is now facing all kinds of financial crimes. According to The New York Times, Freidman has made the decision to cut a plea deal against Cohen to save himself.

This is bad news for Cohen and Trump. Why? Because anything the Taxi King gives up to Robert Mueller will be used as leverage to pressure Michael Cohen to flip on anyone and everyone to save himself.

While the subject of Mueller’s investigation into Cohen involves his alleged crimes with Donald Trump and the subsequent cover-ups, Cohen’s shady financial dealings may also bring him down. Freidman’s deal now gives the government a front row seat to Cohen’s business activity. Cohen was never going to walk for his involvement in Trump’s crimes, but now his fate is sealed for good.

Once Cohen realizes this, it’s not irrational to think that he will quickly flip on Trump in an attempt to save himself. The Taxi King’s deal just put that into motion. Cohen and Trump both know what’s going to happen next and you can bet Donald Trump is extremely nervous right now.

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