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Remember Trump Bragging About Saving Carrier Jobs? Well, Here’s The Reality

Remember when President Trump was bragging about his “deal” that would save the jobs at the Carrier plant in Indiana? Well, it turns out that workers lost their jobs anyway, as their jobs were sent to Mexico.

Mike Pence bribed Carrier with a huge tax break so that they would not send jobs to Mexico, but apparently that didn’t apply to the plant in Huntington. However, that didn’t stop Trump bragging and taking credit for “saving” jobs in Indiana. The “buy American” mandate won’t do anything to help Indiana Carrier workers either.

However, Huntington, Indiana remains strong in manufacturing with 21 percent of the city working in the industry. To put that in context, 90 percent of the counties in the United States don’t even reach that.

Fifty-six-year-old Jim Shalle says things aren’t going well, The New York Times reported.

“I’m a routine guy, and I’m not boohooing,” he said. “But I feel used up.”

Jim isn’t alone either. His colleague Pat stills works for Carrier, but production will be ending just after Christmas, so she knows her days are numbered. Pat has been with the company for over 40 years after graduating from high school, as did her daughter, who is now 33 years old.

“I loved my job,” she said. “It’s all I’ve ever known.”

The City’s mayor, Brooks Fetters has reached out to Pence multiple times to no avail. The mayor explained he doesn’t have a lot of opportunities for “those who can just use a rake and a shovel” and while he’s hopeful for the rest of the city and the manufacturing jobs, this is definitely a hit to the local economy.

These people who have only ever worked in one position their entire lives aren’t appealing to a different factory with different skill requirements. Trump may like to take the “credit” for the jobs he “saved” but who’s going to stand up for these people in Huntington? Trump sure is absent now that they need him.

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