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Rep. Ted Lieu (who just happens to sit on committee where impeachment starts) tells Trump the subpoena news

The Democrats have officially set up shop in the House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi has been elected Speaker, committee chair positions have been assigned, and now they can move on to the matter of dealing with Trump.

Even Trump knows they are coming after him, as he is ranting to anyone who will listen about his inevitable downfall, cursing at Pelosi in meetings, and then trying to backtrack and apologize. Trump continues his downward spiral while simultaneously trying to stay upbeat and pretend everything is fine.

The majority of Trump’s energy is centered on the border wall/fence/poles, currently. He’s even posted an image of himself behind some poles saying “The wall is coming.” Trump is trying to paint the Dems as the villains here, saying they don’t care about homeland security and it’s their fault the government is shut down. No one is fooled by this and Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu has some things to say about it.

This former prosecutor sits on the House Judiciary Committee, which just happens to be the committee where articles of impeachment originate, so he has a front row seat to what’s about to unfold. Lieu used Game of Thrones to remind Trump of how things will ultimately play out, which was a knock on Trump’s use of the hit HBO show’s trademark in a propaganda poster.

Lieu said “In Game Of Thrones, authoritarian leaders like The Mad King and King Joffrey dealt with different Houses like House Stark, but never with a coequal like House Of Representatives. So no, the vanity wall of Donald Trump is not coming.” He went on to add “But subpoenas are coming.”

It’s clear the Democratic House is just waiting for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to give them enough evidence to move forward. They will not waste anytime jumping on the intel with subpoenas and hearings, so buckle up…it’s coming.

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