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Republican Senators are bashing Trump privately, Colleague reveals what they’re saying

Donald Trump has clearly gone completely off the rails in recent months and his actions, words and Twitter account only serve to confirm it. Apparently, even some Republican Senators agree.

Claire McCaskill, a Democratic Senator, is laying it all out there as she is on her way out anyway. In an interview interview with CNN’s Manu Raju, she said her Republican colleagues privately say that President Donald Trump is “nuts.”

McCaskill said,

“Now they’ll tell you, if it’s just the two of you, ‘The guy is nuts, he doesn’t have a grasp of the issues, he’s making rash decisions, he’s not listening to people who know the subject matter.’

But in public if they go after him… they know they get a primary [challenger], and they know that’s tough.”

Trump continues to prove that he is unqualified to be the President of the United States. Let’s just hope the GOP gets their act together and does something about him.

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