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Republican Strategist: “Trump Created DACA Crisis”, Shutdown is on Him and Republicans

No matter how many times popular vote loser Donald Trump tweets about the “democrat shutdown” or Mitch McConnell and congressional Republicans try to pass blame to the Democrats, this government shutdown lies square at the feet of the Republican party. It’s not even up for debate.

Even Republican strategists know it. John Weaver, longtime strategist who worked for Republicans like John Kasich and John McCain.

He states that “Trump created the [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program] crisis. The congressional wing of the GOP refused to fund CHIP. Trump & GOP ignored the pleas of the Pentagon for a fully funded budget. All of this is on them.”

Trump, of course, has been tweeting blame to the Democrats:

Trump can keep tweeting all he wants, and those Russian bots can retweet as much as they want, but everyone knows who is really responsible for this shutdown.  In fact #Trumpshutdown has been trending all weekend.  And that has to make Trump angry, so it’d be a real shame if everyone went to Twitter and Tweeted #Trumpshutdown repeatedly. I’d hate for our President to be unhappy.

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