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Republicans Aren’t “Releasing” Nunes Memo, They’re Doing Exactly What They Accused Hillary of Doing

In a move not entirely surprising for a party that would rather protect a historically unpopular and corrupt President than protect the the rule of law, Republicans in the House Intel Committee have voted to release the now infamous “Nunes Memo” to the public.

It is a blatant attempt to undermine and attack the FBI and discredit the investigation into popular vote loser Donald Trump and his potential ties to Russian interference in the 2016 election. It’s also blatant hypocrisy, as they’re releasing classified information, after relentlessly accusing Hillary Clinton of doing so during the campaigns.

Scott Dworkin sums it up pretty well on Twitter:

“The Republicans aren’t “releasing” a memo. They are trying to leak confidential information about the US Gov’t. Exactly what they accused Hillary of doing. In addition, Republicans are obstructing justice & interfering in Mueller’s probe. This is what traitors do.”

The Hill explains the process of the release:

Stone-faced committee Democrats appeared in a phalanx after the vote, decrying what Schiff described as the crossing of “a deeply regrettable line in this committee, where for the first time in the 10 years I’ve been on the committee, there was a vote to politicize the declassification process of intelligence.”

The document will not be immediately released — but could be at any time this week. Under the arcane House rule Republicans used to override the classification of the four-page memo, the document goes to President Trump, who has up to five days to review and reject or approve its publication.

The White House has signaled support for the document’s release and is widely expected to defy the DOJ and make the memo public. The DOJ has opposed the release of the document, reportedly infuriating Trump.

Here’s the thing I can’t wrap my head around: Trump, his staff, his supporters in congress and his voting base all constantly tell us that the Russia stuff is Fake News and Trump’s not hiding anything. Then, why in the world would they work so hard to undermine American intelligence agencies and go through so many high ranking FBI and Security/Intelligence agents by firing them (Comey) or pressuring/forcing them out (McCabe) if there was nothing to hide?

This is clearly not the behavior of innocent people.  And House Republicans will be remembered for enabling this blatant assault on our democracy.

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