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Republicans Just Abandoned Mitch McConnell, Sides with Robert Mueller

We’ve already been seeing a number of prominent Republicans wise up and try to distance themselves from Trump and the train wreck known as his presidency, but it seems some just can’t get away from his scandals and cover-ups.

Well, according to the latest news, the latter describes Mitch McConnell, and as a result, it seems his own party has placed him on the hot seat for it.

Last week, Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham, along with two other Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted in favor of a bill to release transcripts of interviews with Donald Trump Jr. and other participants in a 2016 Trump Tower meeting that included a Kremlin-linked Russian lawyer, and to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s job.

Considering both Grassley and Graham have strongly aligned with Trump in the past, this move comes as a bit of a surprise. But it’s a good move, nonetheless. Especially since it was made after Mitch McConnell publicly stated that he wouldn’t allow the bill to come to a full Senate vote.

What does that mean for McConnell, exactly? Well, since the committee members have decided to move forward against him, McConnell now finds himself stranded on an island. His statement alone already makes it look as if he carries some personal guilt in the Trump-Russia scandal, but should he still refuse to allow it to come to a full vote, the suspicion is sure to elevate.

Speaking of suspicion, isn’t it interesting that Mitch McConnell has, at times, appeared to despise Donald Trump, yet here, he seems to be keen on protecting him? And this isn’t the first time he’s done this, either.

1) We know Mitch McConnell threatened to publicly accuse President Obama of partisan politics if he exposed the Russian scandal before the election. (source)

2) Trump then gave McConnell’s wife a job, who is caught up in a financial scandal. (source)

3) McConnell took $2.5 million from Super PAC funded by a Kremlin oligarch in year that he wasn’t even running for office. (source)

4) Now McConnell wants to block the protection of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

So with that said, what’s your angle, Mr. McConnell? What exactly are you trying to hide by protecting Trump?

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