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Republicans: Stop Talking About Russia Scandal, or We’ll Go After Hillary Again

Republicans are getting tired of talking Russia. You know, all that “our President and his son and his most trusted inner circle of associates may have committed treason” talk is distracting them from stripping 23 million Americans of their health care, among other things.

At least one Republican, Rep. Steve King (R. Iowa), has decided that if Democrats want to keep looking into something as insignificant as the man who won the White House possibly treasonous collusion with a hostile foreign nation, then Republicans will be forced to start more investigations into the person who lost the White House and has literally nothing to do with this situation anymore, other than she lost the White House because of it.

King made the remarks in an interview with CNN:
“If this continues — this immobilization of the presidency over these kind of things — it’s gonna force Congress to do an investigation, a complete and thorough investigation, and that means go back all the way to the 650,000 emails of Anthony Weiner and look at [former FBI Director James] Comey and his activities,” the House Judiciary Committee members said.

Pushed on the point by CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, King said that Comey and the special counsel investigating Trump are the real colluders.

“What I’m saying is this, that the Comey investigation — now him picking the special counsel on top of it — on its face, appears to be collusion.”

King has his facts wrong. Special Counsel Robert Mueller was actually appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

You can watch the segment here:

King and the Republicans want the American people to focus on the Clintons. Isn’t that ironic because they’re the same people who have been telling Democrats and Progressives to get over it and move on since last November?

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