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Robert Mueller and Rick Gates Are Up to Something Big…and The Media Totally Missed It

The mainstream media is so busy covering Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran deal, they haven’t noticed or don’t care (or both) what’s happening right under their noses. Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Rick Gates just agreed to delay sentencing ninety days, according to court documents.

Public court filings showed today that despite Rick Gates cutting a deal over two months ago, the sentencing is being pushed out. He’s already told Mueller everything he wants to know, so why push back the date?

The only logical reasoning is that the investigation is digging even deeper into areas that Gates may have knowledge about. Mueller may have struck more gold than he anticipated with Gates and now he has to run with it.

Court records show Paul Manafort (Gates’ former business partner), as the Mueller already spelled out rather clearly in earlier court filings that Gates’ plea deal wasn’t about Manafort, but rather about the Trump-Russia collusion probe.

Bill Palmer points out, “Perhaps more importantly, it’s clear that by now, Robert Mueller’s investigation is focused squarely on Donald Trump himself. Mueller has sent Trump proposed interview questions. Mueller just finished interviewing Tom Barrack, the closest thing Trump has to a personal friend, about Trump-Russia collusion. In other words, Mueller has hit on something new about Donald Trump conspiring with Russia, something that Rick Gates knows all about, which Mueller didn’t initially think was going to be relevant enough to ask Gates about the first time around.”

Mueller’s case against Manafort gets all the media coverage because the trial is getting closer. But Mueller’s moves off the radar are the ones we need to be paying closer attention to. If this is big enough to keep Rick Gates out of prison for a few more months, its big.

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