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Robert Mueller has a recorded confession in possession, court records show

“Lordy I hope there are tapes.” That was the comment famously said by former FBI Director James Comey when Trump asserted that he had tapes of their conversations that were supposed to prove his innocence. While there’s been no further evidence of these tapes existing, it turns out that Mueller does have some sort of tape. Mueller has confirmed this in his recent court filings.

Mueller indicted attorney Alex Van Der Zwaan awhile back and at first we couldn’t see how he fit into the whole Trump-Russia scandal mess. It turns out he lied to Mueller’s team in the beginning about some conversations he had with Rick Gates, Trump’s former deputy campaign chairman. He has since pleaded guilty to lying and is now fully cooperating with Mueller. He has now turned over a tape of one of his calls with Gates and its not good for anyone wrapped up in this scandal.

These new court filings confirm Mueller has the tape of Gates confessing to Van Der Zwaan that Gates and Manafort were conspiring with the Russian government intel community during the 2016 election. Gates pleaded guilty soon after Van Der Zwaan. This was clearly the final straw that pushed Gates into cooperating and cutting a deal.

This is just one tape, but given Robert Mueller’s ability to get his hands on this type of incriminating evidence at will, don’t be surprised if more surface.

Mueller has repeatedly uncovered evidence no one even knew existed. He got his hands on a letter from Trump to Putin, now this tape of Gates and Manafort, what else could he have? Mueller isn’t done yet so his mountain of evidence is only going to continue to grow from here. Buckle up.

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